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Albert Tree Service will quickly help you eliminate any potential danger. Call us anytime if you have a hazardous tree or a situation on your property like:

-danger to people or property
– a split or cracked tree trunk
-broken or hanging limbs
-moving tree roots and soil
-visible decay, cavities, or fruiting bodies on the tree


Tree removal is often inevitable, for example when a tree has died, become diseased or hazardous or it is in the way of a new project.

Big trees or small trees, some tress must be removed. Our professional arborists will help you make the decision and fully explain the planned procedure and labour details.

Successful tree felling and removing large limbs can be very dangerous and should always be done by professionals. It requires accurate assessment and experience to ensure safety to people and property.

Albert Tree Service manages these situations with the right equipment and skilled expertise. Trees are removed safely and efficiently without causing any damage to property. Services include full site cleanup and options for wood or tree mulch.


Pruning, trimming and shaping must be done with a good understanding of a tree’s growing behaviour and it’s response to pruning techniques.

Most trees require some thinning of crowded branches and shaping to bring out the natural beauty of the tree.

Improper and/or over pruning can cause disfigured or unattractive look, serious damage to a tree and even potential hazards to people.

Albert Tree Services’ regular pruning maintenance will:

-promote healthy and regulated growth
-improve appearance and shape
-increase light penetration
-lower the risk of storm damage by reducing wind resistance and increasing strength
-remove potentially hazardous growth over your roof, eaves, skylights, cars and property
-prolong the life of your tree


Hedges and shrubs need ongoing care to look and perform their best. The correct pruning time and the method depend on the variety of the plant. It will ensure optimal flowering and structural appeal throughout the seasons.

Regular maintenance like pruning, shaping, trimming, topdressing and fertilizing will help keep your shrubs and hedges attractive and healthy and your property looking great.

Albert Tree Services provides knowledgeable care for all varieties of hedges, flowering and evergreen shrubs.


When your young tree is already settled down, contact Albert Tree Services. Pruning and shaping trees when they are young encourages good structure and growth. Corrective pruning needs to start at the early age of the tree and continue over time.

Our experts will help you protect your new green investment and take action to prevent future irreversible problems from developing.


Flowering fruit trees are beautiful, but pruning them can be a complex and time consuming process. Regular pruning and care will enhance the tree’s appearance and improve resistance to weather fluctuations, pests and diseases.

There are many considerations such as species, age, location, maximum fruit production or the aesthetic value of the tree when it comes to find the proper way to do pruning. Every tree has individual requirements and must be given the specific treatment it needs.

Call our experienced arborists at 709-769-5444 and get the best care for your trees.


Left over tree stumps and roots can be a real annoyance. They can be a hazard and unsightly or interfere with walkways and patios. Grinding the stump will reduce the possibility of suckering growth from the living roots around the trunk.

Albert Tree Service uses a stump grinding machine that is capable of removing stumps of all sizes quickly and efficiently. The machine is designed to travel over turf without leaving any trace. When the stump is removed the area can be reclaimed and it is ready for replanting or sodding.

Do you have a stump that’s in your way?  Call us and have it removed quickly and efficiently.


Newfoundland weather is notorious for its big winds and unexpected storms. When this happens storm cleanup becomes our primary focus.
Call us when you need help!
trees down


Trees are not only an asset and added value to a property but they can also be a liability.

Albert Tree Service provides Property Hazard Assessments. Damage prevention to your property and your neighbour’s begins by identifying potential hazards.

During a general inspection of your trees and the other trees in the surrounding area, our arborists will detect any possible hazardous situation. They will identify structural faults such as overweight trees, unbalanced growth, decays or other defects, potential damage to structures and offer prevention options.


Tree work produces quality mulch. This organic material is ideal for landscaping and gardening. We recommend to keep the arising mulch for the benefit of your garden.

Layer of mulch will help to keep the soil moist and it buffers the temperature. It also helps to reduce weed growth and it is an excellent source of nutrients for trees, shrubs and flowers.

Albert Tree Service is also a good source of firewood.

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